and two fraudulent companies to avoid at all costs and two fraudulent companies to avoid at all costs

When it comes to online investments, there is no room for taking risks. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting investors. Two of the most notorious are and These two fraudulent companies have been caught scamming people out of their hard-earned money, and it is important to stay away from them at all costs. In this blog post, we will take a look at the details of these companies and provide advice on what to do if you have been scammed by them.


What are and and are fraudulent companies that claim to offer cryptocurrency investments and trading services. They have been operating for a few years, and their websites appear to be well-designed. However, the services they offer are actually completely illegitimate, and those who have invested money in them have reported losses without receiving any returns. It is believed that the people behind these websites are nothing more than scammers looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting victims. It is important to avoid investing in either of these companies as they are not legitimate businesses and could potentially put you at risk of losing your money.


What do people say about these companies?


When it comes to and, the opinion of most people is overwhelmingly negative. They are both viewed as fraudulent companies that should be avoided at all costs. Many users have complained that the sites are nothing more than elaborate scams, with no real customer service or legitimate products or services. Furthermore, there have been numerous reports of users losing money after investing in Bycoin, with little to no hope of ever getting their funds back.


The customer reviews for these companies are also generally extremely negative, with many reviewers reporting a lack of responsiveness from customer service, as well as a distinct lack of customer satisfaction overall. Most reviewers advise potential customers to stay far away from these two companies, and some even call them “scam sites.”

Overall, the consensus from the online community appears to be that both and are fraudulent companies that should be avoided at all costs.


How can you tell if you’ve been scammed by them?


  • Unexpectedly large fees for transactions.
  • Unusual delay times when withdrawing funds.
  • Inability to contact customer service for assistance.

Unauthorized account activity or suspicious account statements.


If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, it is highly likely that you have been scammed by one of these fraudulent companies. It is important to take action immediately if you think you have been scammed, as the chances of recovering your money are slim. Your first step should be to contact your bank or credit card company and let them know about the situation. They may be able to investigate further, freeze the account, and issue a chargeback if needed. Additionally, you should report the company to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and any other agencies that may provide consumer protection. Make sure that you keep records of your communication with them, as this will help in any legal proceedings if necessary. Be aware that filing a lawsuit against these fraudulent companies will likely not be successful due to their hidden nature, so it is best to focus on preventing future scams.


What should you do if you’ve been scammed by these companies?


  1. Immediately contact the relevant authorities, such as the FBI, to report any fraudulent activity.
  2. Do not give out any personal information or credit card details over the phone or online.
  3. Contact your bank or credit card company to stop payment and close your account if you have given out your financial information.
  4. Report to a Reputable Recovery company, they can follow all the blockchain and let you know if you have any chances of recovering from them.


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