Is Ownbit a scam? Find honest reviews here.

Is Ownbit a scam? Find honest reviews here.


The world of cryptocurrency is very risky and there is a high chance of scams. They involve high risks and are prone to malicious activity. Even if some cryptocurrency has a productive past, it doesn’t mean there can’t be any scams in the future. So, do your research and consider your circumstances before investing in any cryptocurrency. 

You must check the relevant verification documents and cross-check their legal status with the authorities. However, there are some common red flags that you must look for before investing in crypto. With Ownbit, unfortunately, all of these cases are true. 

  1. If the website owner has not shared their details and description about themselves, they can be a big scam.
  2. The ranking of the website matters a lot. If it has a low ranking, better not to risk investing in them.
  3. If the payment methods are anonymous. There is a high chance they will steal all your money.
  4. Customer reviews matter a lot. Even if there are a few negative reviews, you should not ignore them.
  5. If the other scam checker websites suggest it as a scam, it can be malicious. You can use VPN for a more private search about the website.
  6. The cryptocurrencies they offer have a high-risk status or are relatively new.
  7. The account creation charges are high and there are unusual withdrawal conditions.

What are the factors that make crypto websites suspicious?


Every crypto wallet must provide the latest code. If the source code is not available, it means they can change it without your knowledge. The providers can easily steal your money. An up-to-date code is required for a wallet that protects your security. Only an evil wallet will not show it. 

Secondly, if they are claiming that the provider has no access to your currency, they might be lying. There are always some back doors that remain undiscovered and the brokers might run away with your money. You should not trust those websites, it is always better to make a verification first.


Are you also scammed by Own Bit? Here’s what to do.

Assetsrepo can help to get your funds back. Though there are not many reviews available about the broker, most of them are negative. If you have also been scammed, it means we must warn and protect others. Luckily, there are some methods to help you. We can help to prepare a legal case with all the proofs. Keep safe any type of texts, emails, and invoices that you receive from scammers. It will help to strengthen the case.



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