What can I do after getting scammed online.

Do you feel you have been duped?  And looking for ways to Recover Lost Cryptocurrency? These methods will assist you in acting promptly to halt the con artists and reduce the harm.

Recognize that you are not alone and that you can get through this. If and when you need it, there is help accessible.

If you’ve been conned, act quickly.

If you’ve been conned, take the following actions.


  • Eliminate any interaction with the con artist.
  • To report the fraud, get in touch with your bank or other financial institution right away. Request that they halt all transactions.
  • Inform your loved ones about the fraud so they can be on the lookout for any potential follow-up scams.

In case you have paid a con artist

Here’s what to do if you’ve paid a con artist in one of these ways:


  • Credit/debit card- Report the fraud right away to your bank or card issuer. Request that they halt all transactions.
  • Wire transfer – Inform the bank or wire transfer provider that you worked with.
  • Money transfer app – Inform the app’s supplier (the seller or developer, not the app store).
  • Crypto- Inform the website or business you used to send the money.
  • Cash – If you send it by mail or delivery service, get in touch with the postal service or the chosen delivery service to see if they can stop it.
  • Unauthorized transfer – Immediately notify your bank if a fraudster has moved money without your consent. Request that they halt all of your transactions and accounts.

In the event that a con artist acquires your personal data.

For instance, if a data breach has resulted in the disclosure of your personal information, such as name, phone number, email address, and identity papers. What you should do is:


  • Inform your banking institutions of the data breach – Inform your bank, retirement plan, and any other financial services.
  • Reach Assetsrepo. They might provide you (free) assistance in developing a strategy to lessen the harm.
  • Make a new, tougher password that you haven’t used before. Update your password everywhere else you may have used the compromised one.
  • Be wary of shady contacts – Keep an eye out for shady emails, phone calls, texts, or social media communications. Anyone you don’t know, block, or don’t respond. No links should be clicked.
  • Keep an eye on your bank account – Keep an eye out for any unauthorized activities.
  • Keep an eye on your credit report. To ensure that no unauthorized loans or credit applications may be made, ask for a temporary block on your credit record.

In case if a hacker has gained access to your computer or phone.

A con artist poses as your phone or internet provider. They want access to your device and claim that you are experiencing a technical issue. They then introduce a virus into it in order to steal your financial data and passwords. What you should do is:


  • If they gained access to your computer, update your security software and conduct a virus scan. Remove anything flagged as an issue, then change your passwords.
  • If someone accessed your phone or phone account, notify your phone provider. Update your security program, then do a virus scan. Change your pins or passwords, stop telemarketer calls, and think about switching your phone number.

You may also hire an IT expert to assist you.

Beware of follow-up frauds.

Sadly, you can be the target of a subsequent scam if you’ve already been the victim of one. If someone calls, end the call or block emails or texts:


  • offers to replace your investment with a different one so you may recoup your losses.
  • advises you to “hang in there” since the value of your investment will rise shortly.
  • promises to pay more for your shares in exchange for them, but you must pay a charge to have any “restrictions” removed.
  • demands payment in exchange for a phony share certificate.
  • claims they may compensate you for your losses in exchange for a cut of the compensation or for a payment they refer to as a “tax,” “deposit,” “retainer,” or “refundable insurance bond.”


All of these tactics are used by con artists to defraud you for additional money.

Final thoughts

Your money is your life. You can do whatever you need to do to recover the money. For better services, you can contact Assetsrepo for 360-degree service. We will provide you with a free consultation on how to get your money back and also recommend some good services. If you want us to work on your recovery case, we will also do that. Just submit a report to us, we will be on your case.



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